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2013 May Maggie Valley Spring Rally

The end of May is a fantastic time to be in the Smoky Mountains.  Not to cold, not to hot.  The only possible villain could be the weather.  In the mountains rain is always a possibility and the weather can always change on a dime.

This pic was taken early Friday morning before the gates opened.  I was on the way to open up the tent after having breakfast with His Laboring Few biker ministry.  Thought I would take a few shots of the field before the day got busy.

This is a long distance shot of the lower Fairgrounds closest to the rental cabins.  Vendors are getting opened up and getting ready for a long day.

This is vendor roll left looking from the stage.  The vendors still setting up arrived this morning instead of Thursday, the official set up day.  Everyone doesn't need the same amount of time preparing their display.

The weather is so unbelievably beautiful.  Not a cloud in the sky.  That is a sign that we are going to have a fun day.

This is a long distant shot of vendor row to the left as you enter the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds.

This is a long distant shot of vendor row right looking off the stage.

Getting the Ghost Riders Leather display opened and ready for Saturday sales.

This is my next door neighbor at this event.  They sale natural & polished rock crystals and custom jewelry made from rock crystals.  Some very beautiful stuff.

This was one of our food vendors.  Nobody goes hungry at the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

This is an eye appealing display of jewelry, sunglasses and biker T-Shirts.

Leather for you and your bike.  Anything you need.

Got antique toys and other collectables.

Hillbillies eat corn.  Got all you want.

More food.  No one's going hungry.

Hey...We made the backside of the flyer.

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