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2014 Feb Clarksville Motorcycle Swap Meet

The Swap Meet at the Clarksville Speedway in February is the season opener for Ghost Riders Leather.

It is the practice show that gets us ready for Daytona, excluding the tent.

The Clarksville Swap Meet is a great place to find leather for you and your bike.

Leather motorcycle gloves for spring, summer, fall & winter.

On the outside the parking lot is lined with new & used bike parts.  You can even find a good deal on a motorcycle if you are in need..

Clarksville is located right on the Tennessee/Kentucky state line.  Always great for us to get to see our Kentucky friends.

These shows are good for the community also.  Running into old friends you have not seen in awhile. Catching up on new news.  Priceless.

There is so much to see.  And all of it is cool.

The Clarksville Speedway provides a small cozy indoor felicity with good lighting and heat.  In February you never know what the weather will be.

See that yellow light in the background?  That is hotdogs, cokes, snacks etc.  Hope you come back and see us in 2015.

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