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2017 Mar: Daytona Bike Week

The winter of 2016-2017 wasn't.  For the first time in years I was not headed to Florida to escape the Tennessee mountain cold.  Just going to work.  Enjoyable work of course.

This is the display of Ghost Riders Leather on Friday opening day of the Jam-On Swap Meet.

Oh yea.  Keep our flag flying.

The tent with the blue & white top tent is the display of Ghost Riders Leather.

Earl Strum. one of my personal friends back home, stopped in for a visit.  Always good to see homies.  That is me in the green tank top.

Getting a little love from Earl's o'lady.

The beautiful weather continued into Saturday and the Jam-On Swap Meet rocked on.

You can always see some interesting rides at the Jam-On Swap Meet.  Can you say Hot Rod?

Saturday was so beautiful.  It brought in large crowds.

Another shot of that beautiful Hot Rod.

Sunday was perfect beautiful weather just like Friday & Saturday.  The crowds came out in droves.

This is our left hand neighbor, A's Patch and Sewing, operating out of NC.  Al and I have done a number of shows together over the years.

This is our left hand neighbor, Catcandoo Motorcycle Service, from the Asheville, NC area.  We set up together twice a year at Daytona and at Hot Springs Motorcycle Weekend.

The crowd Sunday was just amazing.

Ghost Riders Leather display opening up Monday morning.  Just got through dusting everything.  Around lunch the very warm started cooling down and we got an afternoon rain.

Ghost Riders Leather display opening up Tuesday morning.  Just got through dusting everything.  Cooled down drastically.  Sweatshirt weather walking and very cold riding.  Rained in the evening hours.

Started out chilly Wednesday, but as the day progressed it grew warmer.

As the day progressed it became T-shirt weather again.

It felt good to experience the spring like weather again.

Shoppers having fun at the Jam-On Swap Meet.

Any questions who bikers support?

Started Thursday morning off with the Trump attitude.  Make America great again.

Before opening up Thursday morning I decided to take a quick stroll through the Jam-On lot.  Lots of quality affordable motorcycles were available this year.

As always there were plenty of motorcycle accessories on hand. 

Front ends and wheels, oh yea.

Parts, parts and more parts.

Don't know what this vendor has.

One of the eateries at the Jam-On Swap Meet.

Another of the eateries available to keep your belly happy.

Daytona Bike Week T's are available at competitive prices.

One of the general merchandise vendors.

Bikers For Trump showing off support gear.

Getting open and ready for the day.

Another Daytona Bike Week T-Shirt vendor.

Lots of people came out Thursday for Jam-On Productions' Trike & Scooter Extravaganza.

One of the bikes with a sidecar in the Bike Show.

Bike Show contestants.

Old bikes, new bikes.  The Jam-On Swap Meet has it all.

The Wall Of Death thrillshow was back at the Jam-On Swap Meet this spring.

Check out this bike and sidecar race lovers.

Very nice to the eyes.  Wonder how it performs?

Another one of the trike contestants.

One of the Jam-On vendor's selling motorcycles.

The Jam-On Productions Trike & Bike Show.

Friday at the Jam-On Swap Meet is Antique Bike Day & Show.

Some of the bikes entered in the Jam-On  Antique Bike Show.

Shopping at the Ghost Riders Leather display on Saturday.  It was another beautiful day.

Thanks everyone for shopping with Ghost Riders Leather at the Jam-On Swap Meet.  See you at Biketoberfest.

The official flyer for the Jam-On Swap Meet.

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