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2014 Jul Boozy Creek Dirt Drags

Ghost Riders Leather returned to the Boozy Creek Dirt Drags after taking a couple years off.

This is a Saturday pic of shoppers walking vendor role. 

This is the motorcycle ministry tent of His Laboring Few.

Christian fellowship with Richard Mills.

A Saturday evening pic of the track & band stage just before the action takes place..

A couple of the bikes entered into the Bike Show.

Locally Boozy Creek is famous for its Wet T-Shirt contest.

This is Mitch Whitehead in the burnout contest.

This is Mitch Whitehead getting his winnings from the Burn Out Contest.

Unloading one of the racing bikes for Sunday morning's  races.

There is always plenty of people games also.  This is the Potato Digg.

Nothing like a Plunger/Toilet Paper Roll race to get a laugh out of the crowd.

One of the beautiful racers entered into the Dirt Drag events.

The Boozy Creek Dirt Drags provide an excellent and well maintained track for the racers.

Crowds are drawn from everywhere.

 Old friends get to reunite.

Looking towards the camp ground.

Lots of nice bikes to look at.

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