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2017 Jul Antique Bikes On Main

Antique Bikes On Main in Chesnee, SC is my hottest show of the year.  This year it was the coolest since I have been vending there.  Still sunny and hot.  Just not humed.

When I got there around 6 pm Friday the small field was already full of vendors.  I had to squeeze in down on the lower end of the grounds.

Battling the heat, and many breaks, the tent went up.

Looking towards the upper field and main drag.  You can see the Wall Of Death in the background.

Early Saturday morning folks rolling in.  This event takes off early in the morning.

Standing in the front of my tent looking right towards the upper lot.

A second pic of the same view.  These isles are full during peak selling hours.  I am working this event solo, so the only time I have to snap pics is during slow times.

The vendors located on the Post Office hill in the rear view of my tent.

An end of the day shot looking out the rear of my tent left towards the upper lot.  The red & yellow display is the Wall Of Death.  These motorcycle stunters thrill.

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