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2017 May Maggie Valley Spring Rally

It's finally spring time in the North Carolina mountains.  Coming with the rain and flowers are all the fun events at the Maggie Valley Festival grounds.  To start out the 2017 spring season is the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

Just finishing up with Friday morning brreakfast at His Laboring Few booth.  Here is some vendor row pics I took on the way back to the tent to open up.

Think anyone will have trouble  finding the beer booth?

The Friday morning sun is out and shinning brightly.  A bit breezy.

Most vendors are ready to go.  Moments away from opening time.

Looks like the ticket takers are making their way to the gate.

It's 9 am Friday.  Gates are now open to the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

No rain, no snow.  Just sun and beautiful skies.  Did I leave out the wind?  Yea, we have a stiff breeze to start Friday morning off.

This is the booth of His Laboring Few biker ministry.  They provide breakfast to vendors and early morning arrivals Friday and Saturday.  Thank you Richard "Possum" Mills and Pyro.

The early morning Friday crowd  is arriving, parking and getting settled.

Breezy.  Did I mention the wind?  Check out the flags in the background.

Shoppers taking advantage of the deals provided at the Ghost Riders Leather display.

How about a whole booth full of Kidd stuff.  What a find.

One of the beautiful custom motorcycles entered into Friday's Peoples Choice Bike Show.

Ghost Riders Leather from Johnson City, TN is a regular attendee to the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

Shoppers picking up their Maggie Valley event pins at the Ghost Riders Leather display

These are the 2017 event pins for the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.  They are always a big hit with rally goers.

Check out this antique Ford.  It should do well in the Saturday Car Show.

Just love that old Ford.  Can't get enough.  Also love seeing people buying Maggie Valley Spring Rally event pins in the background.

The weather is warm enough, but the wind has been blowing all day.  Every now and then a strong wind gust blows through.  Notice the flags standing straight out.

Friday overflow parking.  The crowd rolling in for Friday's music entertainment.

The Friday evening music is playing to a fairly decent crowd.  This is a pic of the overflow parking along the fence line of the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds.

Everyone seems to be having a good time.  Guess everyone is glad to get out of the house for awhile.
Winter sucks.

Me posting Friday event pics on the Ghost Riders Leather Facebook page while everyone else is enjoying the concerts.

Friday night high winds rocked the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds and crushed some of the smaller displays.  Hate to show up to work Saturday morning and see this waiting on you.

More vendors shared the same fate.  The weather can be a big opponent on some days.

Someone did not lower their pop up tent before leaving Friday night.  An expensive lesson.

This is going to be a very unhappy jewelry vendor when they come in to work this morning.  Miss Kitty done what she could do to gather the most distant wind blown products.

His Laboring Few biker ministries is also a regular at the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

Tent open and ready for the Saturday gates to open.  Give daddy a good day.

Things are starting to rock at the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.  Lots of people moving around and having fun.

The parking lot soon began to fill up with motorcycles.  The lot seemed to stay full all day with a rotation of bikes.

Here is one for the three wheeler fans and owners.  This is one of the many beautiful custom bikes entered into the Bike Show.

There were lots of the two wheeled beauties for the eyes to feast upon also.

How do you like this custom paint job?  Very nice.

Everybody loves old stuff.    Can you say old?   What a beauty.

Here is another beautiful custom motorcycle with a nice paint job.

The Maggie Valley Spring Rally was also designed to suite the needs of car enthusiast.  The custom autos also had their own shows.

Lots of eye candy on the grounds to view.  Lots of different classes available for the auto owners..

One of the many custom trucks on display at the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

Saturday overflow bike parking along the fence line of the Maggie Valley  Festival Grounds.

A second, later, pic of bike parking at the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

The official Maggie Valley Spring Rally T-Shirt design.  Make sure you get yours.

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