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2017 Jun Boone Bike Rally/Spring

One of the closest motorcycle rallies near Johnson City, TN, where I live, is the Boone Bike Rally just across the NC state line.  Nothing like a climb up into the western NC Blue Ridge Mountains to beat the foothills heat.

The Boone Bike Rally is not one of the states largest, but on a local level it is well attended by people from east TN, western NC and south west VA.

The Boone Bike Rally provides lots of people games on Saturday, just after noon, for fun entertainment..

One of the many beautiful custom motorcycles in the Bike Show.  How about that paint job?

One of the many good things about the Boone Bike Rally is that you always know a crowd will be there.

Taking in the Saturday evening sunshine and enjoying the Bike show.

Can you believe the amount of beautiful bikes in the Bike Show?  Absolutely amazing.

See that tent in the background with the blue and white top tent?  That is the display of Ghost Riders Leather.

Here is a shot for all you three wheeler fans and owners.

Me and my dog, Sharpie. took a walk up on the hill for a nature break.  This is a distant view of the vending area at the Boone Bike Rally.

The tent in the right bottom corner with the blue and white top tent is the display of Ghost Riders Leather.

Shoppers making the circle of the vending area.  Without counting there is approximately forty vendors carrying about everything imaginable for the bike and biker.

Great drone shot from high in the sky.  What a view.

Saturday sunset at the Boone Bike Rally.  What a beautiful place to have a motorcycle gathering.

Starting off Saturday night's music entertainment.  The Boone Bike Rally provides popular local music both Friday and Saturday.

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