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2015 Aug Maggie Valley Summer Rally

I spent my 61st birthday (August 13th) traveling to Maggie Valley, NC for vendor set up day.  Once there I had the pleasure of setting up a 20x20 tent by myself in the hot sun.  Once that was done I had the pleasure of stocking the tent and making sure I was ready to open up at 10 AM Friday morning.  May not sound like much of a birthday to some but I really enjoyed it.  I have worked for myself for 26 years and I enjoy being my own boss.  I don't work that weekly 9 to 5 and I get to travel.  Plus I get to be around my own kind.  What a blessing.

At the Maggie Valley Summer Rally you can find just about anything you desire for cars and motorcycles.  Here we have a painter / pin striper waiting to serve you.

At the Maggie Valley Summer Rally you can find lots of motorcycles on display and for sale.  Both choppers and stock H-D's, as well as many others.

Here we have vendors getting ready for a day's sale.  The tent in the right background with the blue & white top is the display of Ghost Riders Leather from Johnson City, TN.

One of the great things about the Maggie Valley Summer Rally is that attendees get the best of both worlds.  Custom autos and bikes.

Like hot rods?  Any time you attend an event at the Maggie Valley Summer Rally you will find beauties like this on display.

Check out that motor.  Sweet ain't it?

Check out this sweet ride.  Originally this was a Department Of Corrections bus.

The Maggie Valley Summer Rally has a little something for everyone.  What do you think about this Bagger?

Getting old and your knees are giving out?  No problem.  Just give your 2 wheeler an extra wheel.  3 wheeler kits are available at the rally.

What do you think of this display of vintage cars?

Not all these beautiful autos are for display only.  This one is for sale if your pockets are deep enough.

The cars and bikes were not the only beautiful things in Maggie Valley.  The summer day could have been no better. 

Would you like to own a Harley?  At the Maggie Valley Summer Rally you are actually provided a chance of winning one if you are very lucky.

Custom cars making their way over to the display area.

Not everyday you get to see a beauty like this.

There were lots of custom and stock bikes to view.  Some vendors even offered used parts in the swap meet area.  Keep our flag flying.

Folks from all over western NC, east TN, and upper SC make their way to the Maggie Valley Summer Rally each year to view the splendid selection of custom cars. 

Two customers exiting the Ghost Riders Leather display.  You can tell by the attendees this pic was taken during the hot part of the day.

Not only did the Maggie Valley Summer Rally host an excellent car show they put one on as well for the bikes.

Need a lawer?  Maggie Valley Summer Rally can provide you with one.

Everyone knows you don't hire any lawyer that has a dirty bike or ugly woman.

I guess we will have to admit that Jason done well in both areas.

Just some of the beautiful machines entered into the Maggie Valley Summer Rally Bike Contest

Can you think of a better way to spend your weekend then looking at hot cars and bikes.


Rather it be bikes or cars the Maggie Valley Summer Rally provided lots of interesting selections for its attendees.

As the sun begin to set Rockabilly bands took to the stage and offered their brand of entertainment.

As the sun sets the nightlife crew begins to roll in to enjoy the many rockabilly bands performing.

If you have never visited Maggie Valley, NC during one of Sonny's shows you need to come out and share in the fun.

You can tell by these many pics just how much fun goes on at the Maggie Valley Summer Rally.  Make sure you make plans to attend one of Sonny's Maggie Valley shows in 2016.

Sonny taking the stage to distribute show trophies and to thank everyone for coming.

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