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2017 Nov Salisbury Swap Meet

Last show of the 2017 season for Ghost Riders Leather.  The Charlotte CBA Swap Meet has earned that title for about three years in a row.

Early Saturday morning before opening time.  Last minute vendors filling up the empty spots.

Doors are open.  Weather is cool, but decent for November.  Should not be a factor as far as drawing a crowd..

The Saturday crowd has arrived.  Always nice to have a busy day.

As the day progressed the warmer it got.  Still jacket weather regardles.

Before we got busy Sunday morning I took a quick grounds tour to take a few pics.  This is one of the regular eateries.

This is the outside of building two laced with vendors..

Looking towards the vending area that consist mostly of parts vendors.

Looking towards the main entrance of Building Two  This is the building where the Ghost Riders Leather display is located.

This is the music tent at the Salisbury Swap Meet.  Just like at Charlotte, the bands rock the house.

Miss Kitty covers me at the booth while I was out taking pics.  Always nice to have backup.

Shoppers taking advantage of the many deals at the Ghost Riders Leather display.

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