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2016 Jun Boone Bike Rally

Welcome to the 2016 spring Boone Bike Rally.  One of the best small rally's in the country.

This is the Boone Fair Grounds before the crowd.

Ghost Riders Leather, tent with the blue & white top, setting up display Thursday morning.

Friday afternoon from the air.

Friday was sunny and beautiful and of course the bikes needed cleaning.

Besides the pretty girls, there were a lot of beautiful bikes to get Friday off to a good start.

Saturday was no different than Friday.  A lot of bikes needed cleaning.

Saturdays bike events kicked off during the sunshine.

It started to get dark during the Potato Dig, but the rain held off.

The Potato Dig is about as tough as tough as the oil wrestling.

Whine Bite contestants lining up waiting their turn during the finals of the Potato Dig.

The Whine Bite in full swing.  The Ghost Riders Leather display is in the background.

One of the Boone Bike Rally's favorite events is the Ladies Oil Wrestling Saturday afternoon.

These ladies climb into the pit with intentions of winning.

This is the 2016 spring Oil Wrestling champion.  Don't you just love those sports bodies?

Saturday evening it looked like rain was going to move in but it held off.

One of the trophy winners of the Bike Sow competition.

The Boone Bike Rally is famous for its Burn Out Contest.

Smokin' till the tire pops.

Bad Romeo takes the stage for Saturday night music entertainment after the bike events..

It doesn't take long before the crowds began gathering around the band stage.

The rain held off during daylight hours Saturday, but when darkness fell so did the rain.

Really impressed with the Boone crowd.  When the rain came the crowd did not abandon the stage.  Like old school bikers the tough got going when the going got tough.

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