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2013 May Boone Bike Rally

One of our favorite motorcycle rallies to do is the Boone Bike Rally.  Number one, Boone, NC is not that far from Johnson City, Tn.  Number two, is the crowd is made up of hillbillies and there is nothing like being around your on kind.

Like most rallies we attend the field is loaded with beautiful motorcycles.   Notice that all of them are not Harley's neither.

This is another nice pic that shows the many beautiful bikes visiting the Boone Fairgrounds during the rally.  

This is a nice Saturday pic that shows the numerous bikes in attendance.

This is the DJ doing his thing right beside the Ghost Riders Leather display which is the tent with the blue & white top.

This is a great shot taken from the bleachers looking down on the event grounds.

The Boone Bike Rally is rocking now.

This is a pic of bikers getting ready to participate in the potato dig.

Each event has one less potato then contestant.  Who ever ends up with no potato is eliminated from the event. 

The event will go on until only one contestant will come up with a potato.

Very nice custom bike in attendance.

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