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2017 Sep Thunder In The Smokies/Fall

The 2017 autumn season of our schedule is upon us.  It's still early fall and the days are still hot, but the early morning air is starting to get cool.

My girl, Miss Kitty, came along to give me some support.  All help is appreciated.

Ms Kitty standing in front of the Thunder In The Smokies photo screen.  We are just playing around Friday having fun.

My turn in front of the big screen.  You would think at age sixty-three I would have grown up a little by now.

Saturday morning at opening time.  The weather is fantastic for motorcycling in the mountains.

Everything in the tent has been dusted and arranged.  Now just waiting on the opening morning crowd to get big Saturday underway.

It's rocking now at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds.  Chris and Lorey always pull in a big crowd for their shows.

Enjoying the beautiful Saturday weather.  Any Maggie Valley rally attendee knows in these mountains the weather can change on a dime.

We have the Bike Show going on at the other end of the field.  Lot's of beautiful contestants.

Me and Sharpie taking a Saturday play brake during the Thunder In The Smokies.  Girls just want to have fun just like the boys.

Sunday morning on the way back to the tent from breakfast.  Just clowning around and learning to use my new phone's camera.

You never know how these things are going to come out so Ms Kitty snapped a couple extras for just in case,

Enjoyed my weekend at Thunder In The Smokies.  So love these local shows in my old age.  Back in the day I was displaying in Tomahawk, WI on this weekend.

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