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2017 Apr: GA ABATE Swap Meet

It is always much fun for me to visit the Atlanta area.  I started doing the GA ABATE Swap Meet in 1989 at the Lakewood Fairgrounds.  Also used to do The Henderson Auction Building and North Atlanta Trade Center.

I arrived Friday about 1 PM at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for vendor set-up at the GA ABATE Swap Meet.

I was really surprised at the size of the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  It was a wise decision for GA ABATE to move from the Griffin Fairgrounds to this new facility.

It was an extremely windy day Friday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Fortunately for me vendor friends Get Right Productions helped me raise the tent safely.

The ugly guy is me.  I have on my swap meet vendor set up face.  Get er done.

The wind was blowing so hard during setup that my side curtains looked like flags.  The wind blew one vendor's hat off on two different occasions.

Saturday morning at opening time.  The wind was still blowing, and did all day, just slightly less.


The tent with the blue & white top is the outside view of the Ghost Riders Leather.display.

This is an inside view of the Ghost Riders Leather display.

Shoppers and lookers enjoying the beautiful Saturday at the GA ABATE Swap Meet.

There was a wide variety of vendors on hand.  Parts, accessories, leather, clothing, T-Shirts, novelties, sunglasses, biker jewelry were all available.  Riding around the track and live music was also available.

My vendor friend Donnie from Get Right Productions.  Looking for a Jesus T-Shirt?  Donnie sales them.  Order yours online at

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