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2016 Mar Bama Bike Fest

Ghost Riders Leather returned to Forkland, AL for the 2016 spring Bama Bike Fest.  Our first visit under new owners.

Ghost Riders Leather arrived in Forkland, AL on Wednesday, the first vendor set up day.  We got a great spot.  Directly in front of the band stage.

Southern Flags was our neighbor to our right.

This was our neighbor to our left.

Friday morning customers at the Ghost Riders Leather display opening day at the Bama Bikefest.

At the rear of the Ghost Riders Leather display looking towards the band stage.

The Friday crowd coming out to mingle and enjoy festivities.

The sun is starting to set and the crowd begins to make its way towards the stage.

And Friday's music crowd gets bigger and bigger.

The band takes the stage and the crowd gets happy.

 This is a pic of the Friday night opening band.

The following pics were taken of the bike events that occurred on Saturday.

It was beautiful weather on Wednesday set up.  Off and on showers Thursday,  Rainy on Friday.  Then cold on Saturday.  Regardless of the weather all had fun.

This is Forkland, AL folks and they have coats on.  I didn't blame them I had mine on too.

The starting of the games was delayed slightly to give the event course some extra time to dry out .

This is the 3rd year of operations for the new owners of the Bama Bike Fest

Having fun in the Weenie Bite contest.

The Weenie Bite contest is an old school biker event that has been around for a long time.

Not only were the crowds entertained by bike games, there were also many people games.

This game always gets a big laugh from the crowd.

Bend over,  It is your turn.

Great pic for the grandkids to see.

Someone knows what they are doing.

The Slow Race.

Lots of nice bikes were present in spite of the rain and cold.

Nothing like a Keg Toss to work up a thirst.

There was a version for the shes.

These big ol' strong farm girls weren't afraid to throw a can.

There was a version for the hes.

What a through.

The Keg Toss ended the people's games and it was back to finish the bike games with the Keg Row.

Lot of contestants for this event.  This is also from the ol' school book of fun.

If you have ever been to a biker event I am sure you have seen this race.

Lots of nice bikes were in attendance at the spring Bama Bike Fest.

Who is going to take the trophy?

The Bama Bike Fest also features a paved motorcycle drag racing track.

Saturday night life begins.

See the light in the middle left background.  That is the display of Ghost Riders Leather.

Saturday night rockin'.

Drawings and giveaways.

Finishing out Saturday night with more live rock.

Don't forget to attend the summer and fall Bama Bike Fest.

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