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2017 May: Thunder In The Smokies Spring

Always look forwards to Thunder In The Smokies.  Always large crowds, fun times and at the end of the show vendors are happy.

This year was the exception, however.  By the time Friday set up rolled around the weatherman predicted high winds & rain all weekend long.  Four vendors lost tents during setup.

The wind was blowing so hard the Thunder In The Smokies crew had to wait until Saturday to cover and lift their big top tent.

Because of the high winds many small tent vendors by passed Friday set up and waited for Saturday morning to arrive.

This is the Ghost Riders Leather display blowing in the wind.  The wind was so strong Friday it blew my tables, on the inside, over three times.  I choose to put the merchandise out Saturday morning 

Ghost Riders Leather will be offering 2017 Thunder In The Smokies event pins for $5.

You may not have heard yet, but the Cherokee Rally is starting back up in September.  Ghost Riders Leather made the 1st, and produced Cherokee Pins at all their rallies.  We will also offer advance sales on Cherokee Pins for $7  They will also be available at all the local rallies we attend

Saturday morning at daylight in Maggie Valley, NC.  Time to pay the Piper.  Rush to get merchandise  set out before opening time.

The wind was still blowing, but not as hard.  The skies looked like rain any minute, but it did not.  It was also very cool.

Took a work break at 8:30 AM and snapped this pic.  The sun was out and the dark clouds were all but gone. The day was looking fantastic.

Saturday 9 AM the gates are now open to Thunder In The Smokies.  First bikes in.

The Thunder In The Smokies vendors are open and ready to do business.  All know it will be a long 9AM-11 PM stand on your feet kind of day.  Did I mention fighting the wind and the incoming rain.

We got customers in the Ghost Riders Leather display.  Time to go to work.

It rained off & on all day Saturday.   As the day progressed it turned colder and colder.  This  is a pic I took Sunday morning when I got up.  The sun was already out but you can still see lots of ice on the tent top.  The top peaks got up to 3" of snow.  

Thanks going out to the Christian Motorcycle Club who once again fed a pancake breakfast to vendors and early guest Sunday morning.

Looking out over the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds while eating pancakes.  Still about 30 minutes until opening time.

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