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2016 Aug Maggie Valley Summer Rally

It was great to be back in Maggie Valley, NC.  It is a very beautiful mountain town and I always enjoy working here.  

I arrived in Maggie Valley about 1 PM Thursday.  Sonny spotted me and I started putting up the tent. In the eastern skies the sun was shining and it was beautiful.  Looking to the west the skies was dark and you could tell an afternoon thunderstorm was on the way.  A strong breeze ran on the valley floor.

This is me taking a quick water break.  No time for resting, a storm can be seen moving in.  The wind was already strong enough to blow my hair side ways.

On this day I ran a good race and I was able to get the tent up and closed in before the thunderstorm struck.

Gates opened Friday morning at 10 PM.  The rain had passed and the day was off to a good start.

Getting Friday morning off to a great start.  No rain.

This is the official T-Shirt design of the 2016 Maggie Valley Summer Rally.

Tommy and Sonny playing Easyrider.

One of the custom hot rods on display Friday morning at the Maggie Valley Summer Rally.

This is one of the beautiful custom motorcycles on display to greet early morning Friday guest.

This is a nice pick of Shotgun Betty..  This custom auto was the darling of the Maggie Valley Summer Rally.

Looking out of the Ghost Riders Leather display after a passing Friday shower.  Come on sun.

Friday night rockabilly music was provided by Zippy's Clutch.  Great show and a crowd pleaser.

Doors opened at 9 AM Saturday morning under cloudy skies.  Anyone that has ever been to Maggie Valley knows this is nothing new.

Be a good southerner and keep our flag flying.  Ghost Riders Leather does everywhere we go. Heritage not hate.

A very beautiful shopper, Cherry Lee, at the Maggie Valley Summer Rally.

Here is one of the bike show winners.  It is always fun when you win.

Here is the trophy winners of the 2016 Maggie Valley Summer Rally.

The first rockabilly music act of Saturday afternoon was Atomic Boogie.

Saturday nights band was Cherry Lee & The Hot Rod Hounds.

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