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2014 May Maggie Valley Spring Rally

It is always a good time coming to Maggie Valley, NC in early summer.

It is already getting hot most places.  In Maggie Valley the temperature is just right.

The Maggie Valley Spring Rally is no longer a motorcycle only rally any longer.  Joining the lineup in spring 2014 is custom autos.  This years auto line up is the General Lee,  The Hazard Co Sheriff's car & Daisy Duke's Jeep.

One can spend half the day just looking at all the cool bikes parked in the lot.

The new look of the Maggie Valley Spring Rally.

One thing that hasn't changed is the music.  Friday through Saturday.

Another thing that hasn't changed about the rally is that it is a good place to find a bargain.

This is His Laboring Few motorcycle ministry display.

They provide free Bibles & information booklets.  They are also there for a good talk if you need one.

The tent in the right back ground with the blue & white top is the display of Ghost Riders Leather.

A very famous mountain view.

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