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2017 Jun Indian MC Rally In The Smokies

The Indian Motorcycle Rally has returned to the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds for the second year.  Besides your chance to see all the new 2017 Indian models, this year Indian is providing demo rides. Where in our area are you going to get a chance to ride a brand new 2017 Indian?

I started out my early Thursday morning by having breakfast with His Laboring Few biker ministries.  This Christian biker club provides breakfast to the vendors and early arrivals at the Indian Rally Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Thank you Richard Mills. 

Our 2017 spring was a strange one.  It was cool and it seemed to always rain on the weekend.  In this pic you can see grey clouds overhead Thursday evening.

Taking a break from vending, my girl Miss Kitty went out and took some pics of the new Indian motorcycles scattered about the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds.

I am going to plead hillbilly ignorance and not try to name the different models of these 2017 Indians.  If you need that info go to  I am just showing you the good times that we have at the Indian Motorcycle Rally In The Smokies.

There were several area Indian Dealers present at the Indian Motorcycle Rally In The Smokies three day event.  I do not have access to a  list of those dealers.

Money green.  How can you beat that?

So love the colors on this beautiful Indian.  Red and black.  It's in my heart.

If you don't like cleaning chrome this is the Indian for you.

If you are a lone wolf and don't like packing a chick.  This is the Indian for you.

Wish I could remember the deal with this Indian, but I can't.  Is that some kind of canape top?.

This is the stripped down version of the new Indians.  Great if you are a lone wolf.

One of the visiting Indian Dealer's display.  Don't know if any of these were the demos or not.  Hard to catch everything when you are a vendor out on many excursions..

It's Friday morning early and it's off to the His Laboring Few display for breakfast.  Richard "Possum" Mills was working solo this rally.  Pyro was off on another mission.  Richard did get a helping hand from members of the Freedom Biker Church of Asheville.

The Saturday crowd begins rolling into the Indian Motorcycle Rally In The Smokies.  Hoping for a big day as always.

Indian motorcycles were not the only machines displayed at the Indian Motorcycle Rally In The Smokies.  Here you see a Slingshot with a beautiful custom paint  job.

That is my beautiful girl, Ms Kitty, in the background working the event pins at the Ghost Riders Leather display.

This is mine and Ms Kitty's first child together.  Her name is Sharpie Moody.  One bad red headed psycho wasn't enough for me.  I had to have double the pleasure.

I took this pic just outside of my tent and it is looking back towards the main entrance gate.

When you first come through the entrance gate and look, or go, to the left this is what you see.  Lots of Slingshots thrown in with the Indians here.

Mid evening Friday just after the bike events during suppertime.  The crowds have temporally lightened up.

One of the many area Indian dealers displaying at the Indian Motorcycle Rally In The Smokies.

Supertime is over.  Action.

The view from the main entrance as you come through the gate looking straight forwards.  That tent down on the far right hand side is the Ghost Riders Leather display.

Some of the smaller Indian dealer displays on vendor row.

Do you know what is better than an Indian motorcycle?  Three Indian motorcycles.

One of the larger Indian dealer displays at Indian Motorcycle Rally In The Smokies.

Sorry about no Saturday pics.  Got busy and didn't get out.

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