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2017 Apr: Covington, GA BikeFest

Covington, GA BikeFest ended a five weekend run for Ghost Riders Leather on the road.  It's time for a Easter break.

The Covington, GA BikeFest is held on the city's circle downtown.  The streets are blocked off at daylight Sunday morning and vendors are allowed to set up.  A very beautiful town.

For a  large vendor, the Covington BikeFest is a nightmare.  They block off the streets Sunday at daylight and you have 3 hours to set up your display.  You are setting up on city streets so tent stakes are out of the question.  Setting up a tent without stakes is out of the question for me.

Therefore, for me and everyone else's best interest, I just throw out a few tables filled with merchandise and don't set up my 20x20 tent. 

Early morning shoppers checking out our display.

Due to the 3 hr set up time 90 % of the vendor's sale under a 10x10 pop up tent.  The other 10% in pull in trailers.

This is an early morning shot of activity during vendor set up.  The show starts at 10 PM.

The Covington circle is very beautiful and decorated out in memory of those who fought in the war between the states.

The crowd keep a growing all day long.  Sounds like an old Aerosmith song doesn't it?

Participates in the Covington BikeFest Bike Show.

On display was a Polaris SlingShot.

I often wonder how the interior holds up on this bike after years of use and it's not babyfied.

When I found out the price on the SlingShot I gasped for breath.  I am poor overlook me.

My girl Tammy, and dog Sharpie.

Checking out the bike show.

By 1 PM the town circle was filling up.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for this event.

It looks like a motorcycle town doesn't it?

Bike, bikes and more bikes.

Someone brought this 3 wheeler in for sale.  Don't know any of the details.

Bikers have longer front ends.

This bad boy had a towing bar to boot.

A quick pic of the town circle while I worked my booth.  The bike games going on in the background.

 The bike games still going on in the background.

A lot of nice bikes were at the Covington BikeFest.

It's just not right for a 62 year old man to have hair like that.

Rounding out the end of the day with bike awards.

One of Covington's honored Civil War veterans in the town circle.

Beautiful shot of the Covington town circle and its Civil War monument.

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